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Lady Gaga Seizes Neo-Pop Mantle from Kanye

Lady Gaga Seizes Neo-Pop Mantle from Kanye

Polaroid chairman Bobby Sager and Lady Gaga unveiling the Grey Line at the CES expo in Las Vegas.


January 10, 2011

LAS VEGAS— Since Kanye West ruled the holiday season with his George Condo-covered megahit album, it may have seemed that he had conclusively seized the throne of contemporary-art-obsessed pop star from Lady Gaga, whose art-history-laden meat dress has become a bit stale (or rancid?) since her Video Music Awards appearance. But Gaga was merely biding her time. Now, the everything-bending singer is back in a big way, making good on her role as Polaroid’s creative director by unveiling her new “Gray Label” line of photographic gadgetry at the CES electronics trade show — short-circuiting legions of pale tech fanatics when she strutted her stuff in a black bride-of-Frankenstein getup while wearing Polaroid’s new camera sunglasses, which bear a striking resemblance to those clunky shades favored by the elderly.

The glasses, dubbed the GL20, take photos and video and can display both on the exterior of their lenses, which feature 1.5-inch LED screens, and a USB earpiece allows still images to be sent to a printer via Bluetooth. According to the Washington Post, the shades (and handy celebrity disguise) will be available later this year for an as-yet-undetermined price.


The GL20 glasses take photos and video and can display both on the exterior of their lenses, which feature 1.5-inch LED screens.

The second of the three new Polaroid toys being hawked by the “Alejandro”-crooner is the GL10, a mobile printer that is about the size of a paperback, which can shoot out 3-by-4-inch photos in 40 seconds, with or without that hipper-than-thou white Polaroid frame. The GL10 will hit stores in May for around $150.

Finally, Gaga is promoting the GL30, and which looks more or less like the traditional Polaroid party-picture-popper. The most desirable gizmo of the bunch, this camera can take and print Polaroids like an old-school model but also saves the images digitally— so when someone spills a Four Loko all over your snapshot of Terry Richardson, you need not fear that the tender moment is lost to posterity. The camera will go on sale later this year, although there’s no word on price yet. Both the printer and the digital camera use the photo company’s ZINK technology, used to print by heating color crystals within photo paper, rather than with ribbons or cartridges.

In other Lady Gaga art-world news — yes, there’s more — one artist, following in the footsteps of Polaroid, is looking to cash in on the Pop diva’s marketability. The Harford Examiner reports that Rasa Levinskaite has created “Elephant Lady Gaga,” a painting inspired by both the song “Bad Romance” and the artist’s “passion for elephants” (according to Levinskaite’s Web site). The piece does not actually portray Gaga. Now, Levinskaite is trying to peddle the painting for $1 million, allowing one year for bids to rise.

While acknowledging the she and her work are “relatively unknown,” making a $1 million price tag “a tall order,” Levinskaite sagely points out on her site that on “the list of the most expensive paintings ever sold… an average sales price is $100 million” — making “Elephant Lady Gaga” quite the steal. While the high bid for Levinskaite’s painting is currently a mere $10,000, the sunglasses might be a wiser Gaga-related investment.

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