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Gorgeous 2011 Letterpress Calendars

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

December 15, 2010

The new year is a time for looking back, reflecting, and then looking forward to the year ahead. What better way to celebrate how far you’ve come with a lovely little handcrafted calendar to mark your accomplishments this year?

The calendars we’ve picked for 2011 all have that wonderful, unusual, discovering-a-hidden-secret feeling — Enjoy!

A note from the creator: “A collaboration between myself and my photographer sister, Sharleen. Sharleen’s photography + my design = twelve fantastic months. Each month features the year 2011 hand stamped in metallic ink.”

Where to Find: Bellis Studios, on sale! $12.50, normally $17.00

Metallic gold foil and warm grey letterpress. Inspired by vintage textiles, geometric shapes, and the beautiful imperfections of hand-drawn illustration.

Where to Find: Seesaw Letterpress, $32.00

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