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Featured Member: Skulluxe

Featured Member: Skulluxe

Saunders Moore | ArtBistro

November 10, 2010

Name: Dan Springer

On ArtBistro: Skulluxe (friend me!)


Location: Toronto

What is your art/design profession? Freelance Art Director/Illustrator

What was your career path leading up to your current profession/title? I started out when Macs first came out, using a stat camera and wax layouts, then just kept bettering my positions by moving to new positions and new responsibilities.

What do you enjoy most about your profession? At the moment I like working on a wide variety of projects and applications. The challenge to come into a studio and figure out a solution to their needs.

Tell us about “The Moment” when you knew you had to be an artist/ designer/your current profession. What was the experience like for you? I don’t know if it was any single moment. I constantly drew from a young age and never really was too academic… I just knew it is what I wanted to do.

Did you study art/design in school? If so, tell us about your degrees and certifications and what you liked most about school. My post high-school education was in the work place. Starting as a printing apprentice and constantly learning on the job and in the studio.

What/who are your artistic inspirations? At the moment Damien Hirst, The Decoder Ring, EVOL and gigposters. I am really inspired by people that design anything and everything, not limited to one discipline, and not limited by their ideas. I also really love screenprinting, the texture, the colour and the process.

What project are you most proud of? Hmmm, I am pretty proud of the Skully Vans, I had that idea kicking around in my head, but was afraid it would never work and that held me back for awhile. I finally said F#CK IT! and dove in and made them and they actually turned out… it was good to get past the initial doubt and have something come out and surprise you.

How/where do you sell your art? (i.e. Etsy, agent, gallery, etc.) If you do not currently sell your art, where would you try selling first? I currently sell off of my website:, I tried etsy but was not happy with their policies… so mostly my site and word of mouth.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting your art career? Stand up for yourself and what you believe. When I first started I felt I was in a position to bend to what the client or my bosses suggested, after getting a few years under my belt I realized that my ideas were valid and good and needed to be expressed. The key is to believe in them yourself (a bad idea is a bad idea, even if it is yours) and find a place that lets you be yourself.

View His Solo Show: Skulluxe

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