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Upcycled Houses Built from Old Shipping Containers, Plastic Bottles, and Trash

Theresa Avila | GOOD Magazine

November 03, 2010

In cities around the world, people have discovered some great potential in everyday items which normally make their way to the junkyard.

Thanks to these innovators, enormous shipping containers, used bottles, picture frames, and even cork pieces have found new life as the building blocks for homes, office spaces, and other structures.

Here’s a look at some places which have us reexamining the potential in the way buildings are constructed.

Above, the folks over at Urban Space Management in London are responsible for re-purposing old shipping containers into classrooms, office spaces, and youth centers.

The structures are modular in design and environmentally friendly with about 80 percent of the building is made from recycled materials.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Fin Fahey

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