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Jason's Curated Gallery

Saunders Moore | ArtBistro

November 01, 2010

We’ve asked our newest Featured Member, Jason Metcalf, to curate a gallery for us. See what he’s liking on ArtBistro right now.

ArtBistro is a really interesting site. It’s a place where artists can come and network and share their work with one another. Although it is a specific community of people with similar interests, it can still have an overwhelming feeling, like there are so many artists on the site that it is difficult to navigate and to network.

However, as I perused the galleries searching for work to put in my show, I saw a number of trends. There were initial memes that had their genesis in art and illustration more than the in the internet: roses, tigers, boats, flags, Clint Eastwood, nude figure drawings. What I mean is that these things are all on the internet of course, but they are especially prone to be illustrated or painted or drawn or photographed. I thought of curating a show that identified the more frequent groups of similar images on ArtBistro, but I realized that it is easy enough for anyone to find these things out for themselves as they view the most recent work on the site.

Through this process I came across images of artworks or objects that were so compelling and interesting that they really stood out to me amongst the other works. Some speak more of a process or action than a finished masterwork, while others are snapshots of a specific moment. And other images are simply interesting from a design standpoint and were worth highlighting.

The works in this show do not necessarily highlight the most original, the most technically capable, or the most accomplished artworks on ArtBistro, but (as in every curated show) rather are images that spoke to me individually. With that being said, I think these works are a good example of how great artists are doing really interesting things today, how they are making work that engages with the world in a way that holds significance beyond the canon of art history and a traditional studio practice.

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