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October 2010 ArtBistro Gallery


October 05, 2010

For this month’s ArtBistro gallery, we’ve left the selection process up to a guest curator, Chris Coy, an artist and avid internet surfer. He has shown work at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, Sundance Film Festival, Netherlands Media Art Institute and numerous international art festivals and exhibitions. Read his statement below about his selection process and enjoy!

I enjoy being surprised by the novelty of originality- that thing that happens when an artist’s personal voice diffuses stuffy formalism and pedantic critical appraisals. This recognition of the “novel” doesn’t negate questions of composition, medium specificity, mastery of execution, style, historical relevance or conceptual rigor when judging art- it just subsumes all that under the sheer presence of the artist as a creative force. For me, the art I’ve selected in this gallery collapses the distance between artist and viewer and generously envelopes both in some sort of profoundly fleeting connection on the internet-machine. I like when that happens; so, here’s to dragon-riding polar bears shooting machine guns truly being, “The coolest thing ever!”

-Chris Coy, October 2010

First Selection: Dragon Bear

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