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Amazing Typographic Art Installation

Amazing Typographic Art Installation

Renae Hurlbutt | Divine Caroline

September 08, 2010

Beauty isn’t the only thing in the eye of the beholder.

In the case of this clever art installation from graphic design students Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson, legibility is too, depending on where the beholder stands. The piece consists of three typographic paintings with letters stretching down corridors, into fire escapes, and wrapped around corners at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, in London.

The paintings are statements on the nature of perception and feature phrases like “It’s a point of view.” The witty sum of their distorted parts can only be appreciated from one viewing sweet spot. Much like the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland, the sentences seem to hover in front of their backdrop as if on a separate two-dimensional plane. Now I know how Alice must’ve felt.

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