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Art or Vandalism?

Art or Vandalism?

Dahlia Rideout | Divine Caroline

June 30, 2010

Sometimes there’s a fine line between art and vandalism. Blurring that line is Raleigh, North Carolina-based ULiveandYouBurn (nickname used to protect his identity).

Part Urban Explorer, part fine-art photographer and social critic, ULiveandYouBurn is constantly pushing the boundaries of acceptable art. As an Urban Explorer, he’s traveled into many closed-off areas including construction sites, abandoned buildings, and mine shafts, and he’s climbed his share of dizzying construction cranes.

Previously operating under the handle “Loki,” ULiveandYouBurn found inspiration for his new nickname from an Alkaline Trio song.

Quoted in the NCSU Technician, ULiveandYouBurn says, “I’ve always been creative artistically, and lately I’ve come to really not like rules. So I try and break them at every opportunity.”

This is just a sampling of his projects. You can see more on his Web site at, and on his flickr profile.


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