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NYC Judge to 'Crude' Filmmaker: Hand Over Footage

NYC Judge to 'Crude' Filmmaker: Hand Over Footage

Associated Press / AP Online

May 07, 2010

“It’s a case about a lawyer who decided he wanted to star in a movie,” he said. “It is literally candid camera.”

He said the raw footage will show how the plaintiffs’ lawyers have “tainted and corrupted the judicial process in Ecuador.”

In Ecuador, a court-appointed expert has recommended that San Ramon, Calif.-based Chevron pay up to $27 billion for environmental damages and related illnesses.

Chevron has long argued that a 1998 agreement Texaco signed with Ecuador after a $40 million cleanup absolves it of any liability in the case. It claims Ecuador’s state-run oil company is responsible for much of the pollution in the oil patch that Texaco quit nearly two decades ago.

Another federal judge in Manhattan recently ruled that Chevron can proceed with an international arbitration claim against Ecuador. Chevron filed a claim in September with a Netherlands-based arbitration panel, saying it was denied due process in Ecuadorean courts.

Is this a violation of the documentary filmmaker’s basic First Amendment rights? Comment below!

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