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New Drawing

New Drawing

Amy Wilson

March 05, 2010

I made a series of new drawings for the University of Mississippi museum, where I’m having a solo show in a few weeks. Here’s one…

It’s bigger than my work normally is (it’s maybe 20 × 30?). I’m using this show as a reason to finish a bunch of work that is a little outside of my comfort zone – larger drawings as one example, sewn pieces as another. I’m so psyched to see the show come together.

I feel like I haven’t had the time to really, really experiment and… fail, in a really long time. Like, in order to really keep moving your work forward, you have to be willing to totally fall on your face. The work that I made for this show isn’t that at all, but it has left me yearning for that kind of oblivion – somehow by breaking out of the box I put myself in even just the tiniest bit, it’s left me wanting to break out even more. I have no idea what any of this means, but I think that’s good.

I’m writing constantly and drawing quick sketches of bodies. That’s about the only thing I know for sure. Also: faces. Something with faces. Hmm.

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