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ArtBistro February Design Gallery Winners


February 15, 2010

Anjo Bolarda, Graphic Designer, Vanity

ArtBistro invited Brandon Jameson to guest curate our February Design Show. You may enter the monthly show to be considered here if you have not been in a show the previous six months.

“I combed through all of the ArtBistro graphic design portfolios to find those included in this show. I found the best pieces quickly rose to the top and that if one piece caught my attention, there were usually others in that person’s portfolio that were also contenders. I was surprised at the number of portfolios labeled “Graphic Design” that had little or no typography. Typography distinguishes graphic design from all other disciplines and a mastery of it is really a key factor in differentiating great designers from the rest. I focused on pieces in which typography is a key element. Of course, type is not the only factor in graphic design. The best designers can pull from all media – photography, illustration, color, pattern, texture, paper, ink, sound, motion, etc. – in the right places, at the right times, to solve communication problems with impact and grace.

In short, I feel that these pieces represent the best graphic design work on ArtBistro today."

After graduating from BYU with a BFA in graphic design in 1999, Brandon Jameson headed for New York. He freelanced with the design group at kirshenbaum bond + partners until he got a full-time gig at SpotCo. At Spot he worked on branding for theatrical productions, movie posters, and other projects for entertainment-industry clients. He then did some contract magazine work at Time, Inc. before moving on to The Valentine Group, a studio specializing in high-end retail and publication design. There he did work for the emerging Interface FLOR brand, Trish McEvoy, and others. From there he went to Martha Stewart, working primarily on retail packaging and collateral. Brandon is currently an art director at Axis41 and works with clients in a variety of industries. 

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