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"I Love What I Do" ArtBistro Video Contest Winner

"I Love What I Do" ArtBistro Video Contest Winner


November 19, 2009

The winner for ArtBistro’s “I Love What I Do” video contest was Lauren Hampton, a graphic designer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. The prize for winning the contest was a 16GB iPod nano. We asked her to tell us about her so we could share her story with the rest of the ArtBistro community. So give your congratulations to Lauren for being a great designer and for winning the video contest, and make sure to click the link below to view the video!

Here is what she said:

My name is Lauren Hampton and I am the Graphic Designer for AY Magazine based in Little Rock, AR. I began my art career early- making the decision to be an artist when I was a young child. I experimented with all forms of artist craft- from painting & drawing, ‘rainy-day’ crafting, to cartooning. Although I was certain I would attend college to pursue Art in some form- I chose a Liberal Arts Undergraduate Program- and accepted entrance into Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. As to avoid labeling myself as ‘Artist’- I continued to indulge my other interests in literature, psychology, technology, and politics. I come from a family of diverse professions- and I am the first to pursue a creative career.

As a Rhodes Associate at the college, I held the position of IT/Digital Media Technician and Lab Manager. During this experience, I obtained computer skills in the entire Adobe Master Collection, particularly InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Encore and Premiere. To polish these self acquired skills, I took additional courses in Design Systems at the Memphis College of Art and Design. My work at a local Memphis gallery- David Lusk -required me to generate artist press releases and website updates, while working directly with the artists on a business level by promoting shows and photographing works. I have recently been commissioned as a graphic artist to produce print and web logos for various businesses, including Rock the Vote, FX Foreign Exchange, Red Point Outdoor Adventures, and Rhodes College.

After months of freelancing, filling out job applications, and listening to people tell me my creative dreams were unrealistic- I got an offer to be the Graphic Designer for AY Magazine. Since this new hire- my days have been filled with an array of intellectual and creative activities- from shooting photography & attending social events – to web coding, financing, & InDesign/Illustrating on a Mac Pro in the office.

My ‘dreams’ and desire to spend my day at work as I would in my free time have become a reality. I’ve found myself to be a person caught between an extroverted taste seeker and an independent introvert. I believe that a lot is waiting to be discovered and it is the job of the artist to note and bring to life. If I can give one piece of advice- I say always do what you love… and you will never work another day in your life. (That’s a fact) Thank you!

View The Winning Video Here!

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