Quiz: What's Your Money IQ?

Like a lot of people, you're probably getting a little nervous about the state of your finances these days. So how smart are you, exactly, when it comes to money matters? Find out!

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    How to Get an Artist Grant

    How to Get an Artist Grant
    Do you have a great idea, but can’t afford to make your dreams into a reality? You need an artist grant. Grants are a great benefit to artists. They help beginning creative professionals reach career goals; provide support while working on a specific project and can even enable artists to research for a piece or collection. Sounds great, right? Not so ...
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    How Has the Recession Changed the Art Market?

    How Has the Recession Changed the Art Market?
    Interview with Ed Winkleman from Winkleman Gallery, Chelsea, New York. Ed Wilkleman founded Plus Ultra. It quickly became a "hot" gallery in Brooklyn. After a few years he moved the gallery to Chelsea on 27th street and changed the name to Winkleman gallery. Ed has kept an active blog about the art world and life as a gallery owner since 2005. ...
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    Tax Day Freebies & Discounts

    Tax Day Freebies & Discounts
    To help lighten the blow of Tax Day across the nation, various dining establishments and retailers are offering consumers freebies, deals and discounts — just for today!Here are a few we dug up, but be on the look out for local deals in your area! • Chick-fil-A is offering a “Tax Relief Day Special” that, according to a SmartMoney.com article, ...
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    Schedule C for Artists and Designers

    Until a couple years ago I did my own taxes. As an artist, at least a portion of my income came under self-employment. Since freelancers need to keep track of all they have spent, by the time I had it prepared it for the accountant easiest part was left, filling in the blanks. It is always a good idea to have ...
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Look for Work in Troubled Times

It's hard enough to job hunt in a thriving economy, but now, even the heartiest job seeker may be inclined to roll over and catch a few more z's rather than hit the streets. Don't quit looking before you start. Job hunting requires you to pull out all the stops and take the basics to a new level. You truly have ... Full Story