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Are You Ready to Freelance?

These days, freelancing is more popular than ever. Think you’ve got what it takes? We’ve worked with Michelle Goodman of The Anti 9–to–5 Guide and author of My So-Called Freelance Life to determine if you’re ready to make it in freelancing. Find out!


Do You Have a Problem with Procrastination?

Think you might have trouble tackling things? Don’t feel bad, procrastination can strike anybody. Stop putting it off — take the test and find out!


How Assertive Are You?

Say “yes” to the boss when you actually want to say “no?” Or do you stand up for yourself no matter what? Find out how assertive you really are!


Is Online Art School for You?

You know you're ready to get your degree, but which online school has what you need to succeed? This quick quiz will match you with the online school that fits you best.


What Kind of Facebook User Are You?

Facebook. A tool to keep in touch or a distraction that's making you lose friends? Well that depends on how you use it. Is your online persona working for or against you? Find out!