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How Artists and Designers File Taxes

How Artists and Designers File Taxes

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

April is just around the corner — if you are self-employed even for a portion of your income filing a straight 1040 is not enough. A schedule C and schedule SE will be required. Let us make this overwhelming task a little bit easier for you.

Here are some helpful hints on filing your taxes this year.

Page 1: Table of Contents

Page 2: Top Ten Odd Ball Tax Deductions

Page 3: Artists and Designers! Get Organized Before Tax Day

Page 4: Schedule C for Artists and Designers

Page 5: What Can Visual Artists Deduct on Schedule C?

Page 6: Tax Preparation Checklist

Page 7: 5 Ways to Make Your Taxes Less Taxing

Page 8: The 11 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

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