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Artists Need Life Insurance

Artists Need Life Insurance

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

Artists Need Life Insurance – What Will Happen to Your Work?

A few years ago another artist suggested that I get life insurance. At first, I thought that this recommendation was a little extreme. On second thought I decided to do it. I have no descendents or spouse to benefit from a life insurance payout if I were to die. But I do have a lot of artwork, and that needs to be taken care of. If I were to die unexpectedly life insurance will take care of my artwork.

If I were to die today, what would happen to my work?

Probably someone in my family would get the task of gong through it, throwing some things away, giving other things away, and taking other things home. The burden would fall on them to transport pieces the people want to them, preparing things for auction, etc. If no one in my family had time to deal with this, and they could afford it, they could pay for it to be done. Another solution would be to have it all thrown out! It has happened to many artists before. I wouldn’t want to this burden to be on my family. I wouldn’t want them to have to be financially responsible for my work if I were to pass away.

Life insurance can help.

If I were to die unexpectedly I have a life insurance policy. The money paid out for this policy will cover the salary of a person for a year to clean, organize, catalog, store and ship my work. Heaven knows I’m not as good as I should be about cataloging my work and storing it. But I rest assured that I have made plans for the care of my work when I am gone. A life insurance policy for enough money to take care of these needs is not expensive. It is much less than I would have thought. After all, the preservation of your properly accounted for work will be a benefit to loved ones and others that you leave behind.

If you have a spouse or children all the more reason to get a policy. Although you may want to get a separate one for this purpose, otherwise the responsibility of what to do with your work, will fall to them.

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