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How to Jumpstart Your Art Career

How to Jumpstart Your Art Career

Fine Art Tips | Lori McNee


• Enter a competition and don’t get discouraged if you fail – we all do at times!
•Join a local Co-op Gallery or artists’ group
•Enter an arts and crafts fair
•Learn how to prepare for your own art show at a coffee shop, bank, restaurant, interior design store, etc…
• Set goals
•Stay focused – an art career takes a lot of personal motivation!
•Document your artwork

Get Ready for the “Big Time”

•Create a body of strong, consistent work
• Produce a powerful portfolio from your best documented artwork
•Write an interesting Artist’s Statement
•Find the right professional gallery
•Enter juried museum exhibitions
•Create a website and/or blog
•Understand your market
•Use social media to promote your art
•Never stop learning

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