8 Successful Art-ternative Entrepreneurs

8 Successful Art-ternative Entrepreneurs

Emily Badger | Good

Name: Folkert Gorter Project: Cargo Collective Years at it: Two

Folkert Gorter, a Dutchman who lives in Los Angeles, calls himself an “interaction designer.” That seems to be the best way to capture the artistry of design and the technical skill of engineering—two worlds that are converging to increasingly ambitious effect online.

“In the old days, even during the Renaissance, artists and engineers worked together,” Gorter, 34, says. “Da Vinci and those guys were all really technical and really artistic at the same time. And that was always the promise of the web for me: a platform for that kind of resurgence of technical design.”

He and his partner, Rene Daalder, released the Cargo platform in beta last January as a web publishing platform for Gorter’s vision of the “artist-engineer.” It is Tumblr to the extreme, a multimedia-rich platform for creative portfolios and interactive communities. The project grew out of the network Gorter and Daalder built for SpaceCollective, an online refuge of sci-fi enthusiasts that corrals dialogue, images, and video around what they describe as the “the future of everything.”

“We figured, let’s make these tools available for everyone,” Gorter (who has worked for GOOD in the past) says, “because we believe there’s so much creativity around that’s not on the web, and clearly the web needs to be visually a lot richer.”

Art by Brian Rea

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