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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Art Presence

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Art Presence

Amy Wilson | ArtBistro

3. Create a network

Many search engines determine your site’s ranking based on how many other sites link back to it. And so, here’s where those other pages you have access to – like your profile on social networking sites and things like that – really come in handy. Make sure they all link back to the starting page of your Main Site. If you have pictures that are appropriate for a professional situation (say you spent your break at the Venice Bienniale photographing artwork you liked instead of lounging on the beach), add a line linking those pictures back to your Main Site. Remember that you can also post pictures of your artwork on photo sharing sites; this is often a clever way of showing people unfamiliar with your work what you do. Make sure, as always, that there is a link going back to that Main Site in case anyone wants to learn more.

You can’t link too much. If you don’t have any other sites to link back to, you will need to create them. Start a blog, post to forums with your website in the signature file, ask friends who have websites to link to yours (you can offer to link back to them as a trade). Let the search engine looking for you think that your Main Site is the center of the universe. Right off the bat, try and have ten different pages that link to you, and keep adding to the list as you go.

4. Let everybody know

At least once a year, update your site, adding more images and text and fresh things for people to look at (if you can do it more than once a year that’s great, but this is a minimum). Send out an email to people on your mailing list, letting them know that your site has some new things to see. Consider also doing a regular snail-mailing about your website or having business cards printed up that mention it. However you do business, remember to incorporate your site in there whenever you can.

5. Keep an eye on the situation

Nothing stays still very long in this world; you might have your Main Site be the top hit for your name one month and then slip several notches the next. So check once or twice a year to see where you are and, if you find that your ranking has fallen, just start promoting and linking again.

Making sure your site can be easily found is one of the biggest things you can do to further your career. It is well worth the time and effort that you put into it. Good luck promoting your site!

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