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Confessions of a First Year Design Student.

Confessions of a First Year Design Student.

I love this shot, unfortunately it was impossible to avoid the top of my car being in the frame. I still like it alot

Dylan Lynch

So, the shock of being back in school is over, and now we’re actually gasp LEARNING STUFF. Can I really complain when my homework is taking pictures, drawing, and playing with construction paper and glue sticks? (Yes, I am a university student. Yes, my homework involves gluing construction paper to posterboard using glue sticks and scissors. Is there anything wrong with that?) Anyway, yes, I am learning. I’ve kind of gotten used to using film, and I’m even kind of warming up to it! I didn’t see that coming.

Film is definitely a different kind of photography when compared to digital. It makes you way more thoughtful of the entire photography process. You have to consider composition, exposure, subject, angle, light and contrast before even thinking about taking the photo. Comparing this to digital is a joke. With digital you can just use trial and error all day, sure you’ll get it right eventually, but it really restricts your thought process. This is one of the things I’ve really liked with film, it really does make you think. This will, hopefully, translate over to my digital work, it can only help. So not only am I warming up to film, I’ve already bought 2, and I’m looking to purchase more, they are really neat.

Here is a quick selection of the first roll of film I ever put thought in to, it was for an Image Structure and Meaning class. We had to fill 2 rolls of film with only one subject. The goal of the assignment was to explore different angles, points of view, and lighting. Here are 5 from this Visual Dynamics assignment:


This shows the main thing I really dislike about this camera, manual focus. Manual focus is very tricky to get right, and I definitely don’t envy older photographers who HAD to use this. It’s really a pain.

Straight on shot of my subject, a VERY cool old antique clock

It’s oh so abstract

Until next time,


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