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I bought myself a new toy

I bought myself a new toy

White Stripes Holga Camera Set

Dylan Lynch

The White Stripes, a.k.a Meg and Jack White, have branched out from the music business to try their hand at the world of Lomography cameras. The result is a pair of branded, limited edition retro Holga and Diana semi-replica cameras that come complete with a cool look and a bunch of extras for photography lovers. The “Jack” Holga comes complete with a fish-eye lens, a photo book entitled “The World Through a Plastic Lens,” three glass lens filters, a custom Peppermint Lens filter, a roll of medium format 120 film, and opaque tape.

The “Meg” Diana includes: a ‘Nobody Knows How to Talk to Children” ringflash, a Diana Vignettes photo book, a removable lens for pinhole images, and a custom Peppermint Lens filter.

If you are a vintage camera lover with a taste for unique imagery, these cameras may be of some interest–but you had better hurry. Only 3000 copies of each camera were produced. Available for $180 each.

This special edition includes:

1. The White Stripes “Jack” edition Holga camera

2. The White Stripes edition titanium Fisheye Adaptor lens

3. Three plastic lens filters (one solid red, two colored soft-surround)

4. Exclusive Peppermint lens filter

5. Plastic filter mount

6. The World Through a Plastic Lens softcover book

7. “AA” batteries, opaque tape, and one roll of 120 film

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