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Final Project: Type & Image

Final Project: Type & Image

Elisha-Rio Apilado

For our final project, we had to design the front and back covers and inside spreads of a Chicago Public Art Guide: Loop. We had to provide the photographs ourselves (except for the Buckingham Fountain due to construction). The bodies of text and other information (material, dimensions, location, artist name & artwork name) was provided to us. It was hard to take a decent photograph of the art pieces due to the winter weather, so several trips outside were made. The layouts and everything else were open to interpretation. Before we went on with the project, we visited the Joan Flasch collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The book collection was inspiring!

There was a plethora of different styled books, made out of different materials, some common and some uncommon. There was a book using an old JCPenney catalog and at the end a secret cut-out place for polaroid photographs of let’s just say censored male body parts haha. The purpose of our field trip was to be inspired and maybe have it influence our own ideas for out books. One student at our final presentations used found paper and vellum to print the photographs and information on.

I had a couple issues with my own book. I wanted to do something extravagant, but time and money can always be an obstacle. I was the crazy one in my class to produce my own sketches of the photographs. I was at first going to have the drawings printed on a vellum sheet of paper overlaying the page of the photograph, but that’s when the money issue jumped in. Also, it was extremely hard to have the drawing printed on the page in the EXACT placement of the photograph.


While playing around on Photoshop and being bummed out on what to do, I accidently just started “magic wand-ing” pieces of the original photograph and merging it with the sketches, and the results turned out to be own artworks of the art pieces. The photographs had a watercolor, painterly-like feel to them, and I absolutely loved it!

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