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One Year Countdown to Reality

One Year Countdown to Reality

Elisha-Rio Apilado

June 2010. My expected graduation date. So many things have been on my mind as of late! The future is what’s been running through my mind non-stop, and at times it’s caught me off guard on how quickly time is passing and how I’m halfway through my VC program at school! I admit I had a few weeks of doubts in my art and where I was heading in my life (truly tired and uninspired), but with the help of good friends and support from everybody, I’m out of that funk and back on track. I know I’ve got so much more to do and prove to myself. Transitioning from a fine arts student to a design student (creating those art pieces on the computer) was really tough (and still is) to get used to, but every time I see those flier promotions and magazine layouts, I just get this push within myself.

You shouldn’t doubt your work. If you do…you need to do more to convince yourself cuz you know all of us “shai fans” can’t get enough. -m.dam

It’s people like you that motivate me to become someone greater than myself. -i.navejas


Reality has been hitting me pretty hard, and it’s time to make tough decision about what I’m going to do in my future. There’s a lot of sacrifices have to be made. As much as I love Chicago, and have missed my hometown in the suburbs, I know that realistically I’ve got to finish my education here and make my impact while I’m here and then head back to my family in Texas and help out paying off the loans. Work, then pleasure my mother always says. I know I can always return to Chicago in a couple years on my own when I’ve got my career going on. I always have to remind myself the reasons WHY I returned. I’m here to learn and grow as an artist/designer. I’m here to make something of myself and follow MY dreams, even if I’m leaving some people in my life. I’m here to inspire and be inspired.

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