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Have No Fear

Have No Fear

Elisha-Rio Apilado

Remember how in my last entry I was oh so intimidated and pretty much exposed a lack of confidence to the world? Ladies and gentlemen, those feelings of fear have surrendered and bowed down to me! I am enjoying every single minute of my class, both in class and outside of it. I have become so obsessed with photography now and have gotten the hang of handling those expensive, once-made-me-uneasy SLR cameras. I am in the process of saving up for my own now! (which will probably take years.) I was aware in the beginning before ever attending the art school that I would come face to face with that line where my comfort zone met the unknown. I had to literally push myself to step over that line and let go of the hand that has guided me all these years. Rewind to New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. 1 Push myself over the limits. Break & bend the rules. Be fearless. And # 3 Get out of the comfort zone with my art. Experimentation. Trial & Error.

That’s the thing about being an artist. There’s so many things in the world left undiscovered. So many creative ideas and processes that only our imagination keeps track of and it’s truly up to us to unleash this force with NO FEAR. Each artist has their own style to voice out, err, rather visually serenade to the world, but it could never be reached unless that artist flicks off the insecurities and let’s out a loud roar.

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