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Let's Advertise

Let's Advertise

Mike Lenhart

How We Create Commerce

Recently, we’ve seen some very creative advertisements on television, especially during the Super Bowl. This event has always been known for attracting top advertisements for top dollar. Although some are more effective than others, the art of advertising has been around since – well a long time. Let’s take a look at the components of advertising.


Advertising is “a vehicle the client uses to increase sales, influence voters, promote causes, obtain contributions, and so on.” Different types of ads include consumer, trade, and public service. Consumer ads target the general public, trade ads go after specific professional or business groups, and public service advertisements are created for the public good. One important aspect of an ad is the unique selling advantage. This is something special about the brand that the competition doesn’t have.

What Makes Up An Ad?

According to some graphic design textbooks, the four main components of an ad are the strategy, concept, design, and copy. The strategy is where it all begins. What’s the message that needs to be conveyed? The concept is basically the solution. The design is the visual component of the solution. This where all of your education and training in school come in. And, the copy is the verbal part of the message. That part may sound somewhat easy, but it may be the most difficult part of the whole thing. Copy has to be clear, concise, speak to the desired audience in their language, and assume a voice. That’s why there are copywriters.

What’s The Big Idea?

An advertisement has to have a “big idea”. The big idea is what’s supposed to convince everyone to buy or feel for the product or service you’re selling. The big idea cannot be a false claim or gimmick. It needs to be an effective, relevant way to “create a spirit around your product.”

Advertising can be an exciting, and stressful field. It’s fast-paced, highly caffeinated, and ever-changing. Does this sound like the thing for you? Then go for it. If you’re interested, it may be a good idea to intern at a firm while you feel things out. If you survive that, and still like it, then you may just make it. You’ll have to come up with your own unique selling advantage to get there, though.

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