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All You Need to Know About Artist Residencies

All You Need to Know About Artist Residencies

Banff Centre Ceramic Studio's Kilns.

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

There are open-ended creative research residencies, but the really exciting experience at Banff is to get into one of the theme-based residencies. Current theme-related residencies include one that focuses on “The Archive Restored”, one is about “Landscape and Memory” (Timelab) and another is “Why Are Conceptual Artists Painting Again?” I attended twice. Once for a 10-week summer course, and once for a fall term. If you apply, write a good solid proposal that focuses on ideas. You will make many connections and the experience will feed you creatively for years to come."

Many residencies charge money for artists to stay. But some will cover partial, if not all, costs. Many times the most valuable asset of a residency is not the money granted, but the connections an artist forms there with other artists and the guests that may come to see your work, which often include curators and other influential people in the art word. Photo credit: Santa Fe Art Institute’s Past Resident Hilary Lorenz

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