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All You Need to Know About Artist Residencies

All You Need to Know About Artist Residencies

Banff Centre Ceramic Studio's Kilns.

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

2. Know the difference between an Artist’s Statement, an Letter of Intent, and a Project Proposal. The SFAI asks for an Artist’s Statement — a paragraph or so about the nature and focus of your work, and a Letter of Intent — a letter describing what you plan/hope to do during your residency at the SFAI. Many programs ask for a Project Proposal, which is typically more detailed and specific to a particular project than a Letter of Intent, and is often a larger factor in the application process. If a program requests more than one of these items, do not assume you can combine them into one statement or letter.

3. Do not submit more work samples than are requested. Most organizations will not select the best of what you sent for review, but simply the first.

4. The SFAI selects applicants for residency based very heavily on the overall quality of the work. The committees (visual arts & writing) are comprised of well established, acclaimed artists and writers with an occasional critic thrown in for good measure. The committees are not necessarily the same every year, and thus it is difficult to explain what might be considered “quality” in any given application process. The supporting documentation is still very important, however, as it is used to push an applicant one way or the other should the committee be spilt or undecided.

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