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Artist By Birth, Designer By Choice: Resolutions 2009

  Artist By Birth, Designer By Choice: Resolutions 2009

Elisha-Rio Apilado

A list of the goals I have set for myself in this brand new year, 2009.

1. Push myself over the limits. Break & bend the rules. Be fearless.

2. Do more than just exist with my art. Inspire. Be inspired.

3. Get out of the comfort zone with my art. Experimentation. Trial & Error.

4. See the beauty in things left unbroken.

5. Keep in touch with drawing by hand and by mouse clicks.

6. Get my art out there in Chicago.

7. Paint a meaningful wall mural somewhere downtown.

8. Keep track of new ideas/inspirations/doodles in a sketchbook.

9. Save anything and everything that is unique and may come in handy later on.

10. Be observant. Keep an open mind. Take risk.

11. Appreciate each opportunity given, but be mindful of time management.

12. Soak up everything from the professors at school.

13. Continue to keep my own style of art alive.

14. Take many photographs.

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