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Finding the Right Art School for You

Finding the Right Art School for You

Adam Burton

Finding the Right Art School for You – An Introduction to Art Schools & Art Education

Finding the right art school is a very individual decision. Everyone has their own approach to learning, their own ideas of what makes a school appealing (or not), and their own extracurricular priorities and considerations. Your own personal approach is going to determine the path that’s best for you.

One of the biggest questions you need to answer when considering your path to an art education is what you hope to do with your skills when you’re done. Will you be a full-time artist? Will it be a part-time job? A hobby?

If you want to study art for your own personal enjoyment, maybe you don’t need a degree – though you may want to take a class or two to broaden your awareness of the particular area or aspect of art that interests you. Learn the technique, the vocabulary, the best tools, and then continue on your own.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make a living at it, extensive training is almost always required. Sure, raw talent may get you places, and if your work is good, credentials may not matter to a buyer. But in a wide world of art, you’re more likely to make your mark if you learn from those who have gone before you.

And it’s not like you’re committing to doing anything the way everyone else does it, you’re just learning how they do it so you can incorporate those implements, techniques, and perspectives you find most useful into the style that best suits you personally. After all, even Picasso went to school and learned to paint in the established tradition of the times before taking his tools and pursuing his own direction.

If you do decide to attend an art school, there are a number of considerations to, well, consider. Obviously you’ll have some that wouldn’t appear on anyone else’s list (including the one below), but I’ve highlighted some of the most important issues below to help reduce this big life-affecting decision to a more manageable set of concerns. While you can jump directly to any of the topics by clicking on the links below, I recommend reading through the whole list once starting from the top to get a good overview of the issues involved.

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