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Interior Design School Tips

Michelle Everett

Are you in interior design school? Here are some tips that I found really helpful to my career:

Work while you’re in school

Work for a designer, showroom or supplier. This will provide you with invaluable real world experience. This can translate into better jobs after school and a better understanding of what area you want to focus on.

Read all the Classics

Yes, those books from Dorothy Draper, Mark Hampton and Billy Baldwin are important. These designers may not be your cup of tea but they discuss design principles that transcend style… and they weren’t famous for nothing.

Start a design journal

You should start collecting images from magazines and books that you like. They can be for any reason… color, furniture or even interesting photo stylizing. Every talented designer I know keeps one.

Go to showhouses… even if they’re bad

It will give you a better understanding of spatial relationships. What works and doesn’t in furniture layouts, fabrics and the overall visual composition.

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