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But where does the memory card go???

But where does the memory card go???

Dylan Lynch

So in my Image Structure and Meaning class I needed to buy some new equipment. The prof kept mentioning some weird device called a “film camera”.. I was clueless, and frightened.

Not really, but I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never so much as HELD a film camera before, I’ve been digital from the start. Initially I was a little scared, just because I’ve gotten to used to digital’s ease of use, and instant feedback, but as I drove home, I got very excited. I bought a roll of film, and went through the entire roll already. I’m really excited to see how they turned out.

Film really makes you think about everything before you take the shot. There is no “try, and if it doesnt work, try again”, there is just “Well, I hope that worked”. I hope they turn out well. I’ll scan some when I get them back sometime this week.

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