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It's A Colorful Life

It's A Colorful Life

Mike Lenhart

Chronicle Books sent me the second in the series of Designer Toolkits called 1000 Colors – Thousands of Color Combinations – and let me tell you, it rocks! The handy CD that accompanies this book is as good as the one that came with the first one by Graham Davis. Color is beautiful and my rods and cones thank you!

Davis’ book is laid-out in a similar way as the Grids and Style Sheets publication. You really need to read the Introduction: How to Use This Book, in order to make good use of it. After that, you’ll be able to look through the multitudes of color combinations, complete in CMYK, RGB, and Hexadecimal versions, to give your designs the extra punch that they need.

On the CD, you get even more. You can load a color palette directly into an Adobe Creative Suite application and even Quark. There are also TIFF and PNG file types on the CD that can be used in Mac and Windows environments.

The sections of the book range in titles from Emotion and Attitude to Art and Inspiration with subsections with names like Funky Critters, Toxic Blend, and Scary Woodland. There’s even more! At the back of the book is a section on color relationships which offers a “refresher” course on complimentary, analogous, and triad palettes. How cool!

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