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Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners

Igor Asselbergs

Lately I’ve been contemplating the value of rounded corners in design. Is it eye-candy? Or does it add value to the user experience?

Let me put it this way:

Take a look at the black and white image here.

I hope it is clear that the rounded corners do make a difference. On the left side, you see one surface divided by a line. On the right side your eye interprets the image as two adjoining boxes. What is the difference? It is only the rounded corners.


Since lines can easily be interpreted as contrasts, how does that translate into color? I’ve taken the same idea and added color:


We have an interesting result. In the blue green box on the left the image appears as one unified surface, on the yellow purple box on the right the image appears as two adjoining boxes. The unity of shape and color forms an image in the example on the left whereas on the right your eye interprets the image as separate boxes.

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