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Five Points Illustrators Must Know for Art School

Five Points Illustrators Must Know for Art School

Dani Jones

1. Formal education is necessary. Most people might think that art can be easily self-taught, and that any good hobbyist has a good shot at becoming a successful illustrator. The truth is, learning to draw and paint is one of the most challenging and frustrating tasks a person can take on, and having experienced instructors can ease and speed-up the process immensely.

2. Experiment as much as possible. After you leave school and begin creating work for clients, you might not have the luxury, freedom, or time. So take advantage of the opportunity while you’re in school.

3. Learn how to take criticism and get feedback while you can. As an art student, you will probably hear one or two (or more) negative comments about your artwork. Don’t take them personally or haughtily push them aside. In fact, criticism is the best tool for making your work better. Learn how to use both positive and negative comments to your advantage. And enjoy it while you can, because after school you will have to work out your creative problems alone in your studio.

4. Learn how to work on a schedule. Good, responsible illustrators CANNOT miss a deadline. If you find that you are constantly failing to finish assignments on time while you are in school, it does not bode well for your professional career. Learn time management and discipline skills in addition to your artistic ones.

5. Art takes a little talent, and mostly work. Try not to measure your success by comparing yourself to others around you. If you have the determination to create better artwork, it will come eventually. How far you go ultimately depends on YOU, and not your teachers, classes, or school. Draw as much as you can; complete personal paintings as well as your regular assignments; and remember that talent will only get you so far — the rest is just plain hard work.

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