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How to Get A Degree in Games Design and Animation

New Straits Times

KNOWLEDGE of computer languages such as C/C++ and Java is essential for programmers and experience of particular tools is essential for designers.

Knowledge and skills in other areas such as mathematics, object physics, gaming console architecture and gaming aesthetics and genres are also necessary.

Besides computer science, geography and urban planning are associated with in-game landscape, building and community recreation; engineering and physics are essential to the realistic simulation of vehicles; history is useful for accurate re-creations of events, characters and societies; the arts for character development, and music for sound effects.

Computer games are increasingly used to support teaching and learning, so games designers should have skills in curriculum design and pedagogy as well.

Games design involves many disciplines of knowledge, skill and competency. Graphic design is one of them. Someone with graphic design qualifications may be able to support in terms of 3D models and animation, visual communication, narrative, user interface design and human-computer interaction.

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