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I am Officially a Photography Student.

I am Officially a Photography Student.

Dylan Lynch

Life of a starving artist, here I come.

Went to pick up my portfolio yesterday, and inside was an acceptance letter to the Design Studies -Photography program at Grant MacEwan. I’m pretty excited, and can’t think of anything cooler than “So tonight, your homework is to take some pictures of something”. The first year is just a Design Foundations Certificate program, and then for my second year I’m hoping I can transfer to the Alberta College of Arts and Design in Calgary. ACAD is the second best art school in Canada, so I’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully I can get a good portfolio together over this next year.

I’m already learning before the year has even started too! I’ve learned that keeping all of my original files is ESSENTIAL if I ever want to put together another portfolio. Lack of original files turned out to be a huge problem for me when trying to get a portfolio together for Grant MacEwan. I had grown so used to resizing to 800×600 for online posting, that I wasnt even keeping the originals. These 800×600 barely make a clear 4×6 print, so I was unable to use anything that wasn’t the original, larger file.

Wish me luck,


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