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What Can I Do with a Major in ________?

What Can I Do with a Major in ________?

Peter Vogt/Monster Contributing Writer

Whether I’m working with students one-on-one, presenting to a class or another group audience or responding to students’ concerns, there’s one question I hear perhaps more than any other: “What can I do with a major in ________?”

It’s only natural to want to know more about the careers your major might lead you to, especially if you’re in a liberal arts major like psychology, sociology or English. Any of them can take you in a wide variety of career directions, and fortunately, there are many resources you can tap to answer the major-to-career questions you undoubtedly have, including our Major-to-Career Converter.

Here are a few other ideas to get you started:

Meet with a Counselor at Your School’s Career Services Office

For starters, campus career counselors tend to know a little about a lot of different majors and careers, so you can take advantage of the knowledge they’ve accumulated through their work and life experiences. Just as important, most career services offices maintain detailed statistics on what their schools’ graduates have gone on to do with their lives after college; thus, in many cases, you can see where students in various majors from your school have landed jobs.

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