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Photography student turns passion into photographic career

Photography student turns passion into photographic career

Justin Ector/The Round up Online

Catalina Manzano points to shoot inside Charlie O’s; a local jazz spot in the San Fernando Valley. Manzano has been photographing jazz musicians since 1990. Her lens has captured the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock and Ted Williams; among others.

Growing up in East Los Angeles, Catalina Manzano followed the encouragement of her father to take pictures of the boxers she would observe. She ended up turning it into a photography career. As Manzano snapped the pictures, people would notice and give her offers to do other shoots. She received offers to do work for Miller Brewing Co. and the Lakers back in the 1980s, when Magic Johnson was on the team.

As an adolescent, Manzano had a passion for art, which sparked her interest in jazz music. “I developed a passion for jazz because my father and brothers would always listen to it around the house,” said Manzano. After having a baby, Manzano decided to go to Pierce College part-time and study photography. At Pierce, she was the sports editor and photo editor.

“The program at Pierce allowed me to pursue photography for the love of it,” said Manzano. “I remember we needed to do a photo project and I liked to shoot things I had a passion for. I’d always had a passion for jazz and that is how it all came together.”

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