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What Makes a Good Art Instructor?

What Makes a Good Art Instructor?

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Gary Holland began his studies alone, learning by copying famous artist’s paintings. Later he would study with such instructors as Daniel Green, Ramon Kelley and Zhang Wen Xin. His recent work includes paintings that reflect the life and culture of the world’s poorest children. Combining art with compassion, Gary Holland founded the For the Children, Inc. charity. Sales of Holland’s art and books help support underfunded orphanages in Haiti, Vietnam and China.

Don’t we all wish we’d had good art instruction when learning to paint!

I did not have that luxury 30 years ago. I just didn’t have the money to attend a good school — if one existed! Back then, very few strong art schools existed.

Discouraged and then disgusted, I quit trying. Instead, I studied music and learned my art skills from books (the 25 year learning curve).

Now I am passionate about providing good training for artists, precisely because I didn’t have good training. I know the chronic pain of struggling, doubting, and dreaming of being an artist. Perhaps that strikes a chord with you?

“I’ve never met an artist whose spirit didn’t want to fly.” – Gary Holland

Here are some things I feel make for a good art teacher.

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