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Transition from Student Designer to Career Designer

Paul Carew

Get Up to Speed

Time to gently place your foot on the gas pedal. You hopefully have lined up an interview or two in your search and connections you’ve made with people. Now it’s time to present yourself to potential employers.

1. Make a list of questions

Prepare for your interview by writing them down. It’s normal to get a little flustered or nervous. These questions will allow you to demonstrate that you are invested in the organization and are looking for a good fit for your career.

2. Know your interviewer

Review the biography, blog, Twitter feed, or personal website of the person that will interview you. This is your chance to make a personal connection that your competitors may not be able to.

3. Present your portfolio

Demonstrate that you are able to verbalize your creative ideas by talking intelligently about your work. If you push your portfolio across the table, it is likely that a busy Creative Director will quickly go through your book and your meeting may be cut short.

4. Consider your wardrobe

Don’t wear your “Sunday Best!” Do dress the way you plan to should you be hired. This is a great way to show your interviewer that you are professional and won’t leave them guessing about how you really carry yourself day-to-day.

5. Ask permission to follow up

Show you are a great addition to the organization. The goal of your interview is to make an impression. Make a plan for your next communication with the hiring manager before you leave. This is a great way to demonstrate your motivation and professionalism.

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