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10 Ways to Make an Art Internship a Permanent Job

10 Ways to Make an Art Internship a Permanent Job

Elisha-Rio Apilado

From super intern to full-time pro!

Internships. College credit or learning experience..or both? Definitely both, but also consider it as an opportunity to become a full-time player in the design industry rather than just a student trying to pass a course. Internships should be treated as a real job, even if you’re not paid! Your employer is giving you the giving you the opportunity to get your feet wet, enter the design business — learn from the experience. After all, they’re taking time out of their busy workday to include you in and navigate you through the backstage part of the design business. Consider this experience indispensably awesome.

Even better, an internship doesn’t have to end right there. It can become a permanent creative career! But it won’t be easy. You need to follow the right steps and make it happen yourself. Yes, YOU need to make it happen. No one will do the work for you.

Let’s start at the very beginning. First you need an internship — How do you do that?

1. Ask around.

Ask your professors, colleagues, your school’s alumni crew and your academic advisors. It’s similar to networking. These people are involved in the art industry in some way and may know of something that can help you out. Be polite and courteous (of course).

2. Look within yourself as an artist.

Look back through your projects as a student designer. Which ones did you enjoy doing most? Were you into technical, meticulous planned designs, like information designs? Or were you successful at expressing individuality through branding? Figure out what you’re interested in and try to look for internships in that field. It also may be the case that you want to expose yourself to a side of design that you didn’t get to practice much in school. Whatever it may be, remember, internships are a great learning experience.

3. Research those companies!

After you figured out what you want to do, find the companies that can offer you an opportunity to work with them! Remember that not all companies will be looking for interns so don’t be discouraged. Narrow down your list and study each company’s world by looking through their website or finding any online articles about them and their work. This will be extremely helpful if you get an interview.

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