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The Details of an Online Education

The Details of an Online Education

Adam Starr | ArtBistro

Make Sure the School is Accredited

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the government does not accredit academic institutions itself; instead, the USDE recognizes select accrediting agencies as reliable educational arbiters. To find if your school is nationally recognized and accredited by one of these accrediting agencies, search through this list. It is extremely important to find a school that has been nationally accredited by a certified and government recognized accrediting agency.

Learn How to Spot Diploma Mills

What is a diploma mill? Put simply, a diploma mill is an unaccredited and unscrupulous business operation masquerading as a “college or university” which sells degrees to people that haven’t done the coursework to actually earn their degree. Buying a degree from a diploma mill is as expensive as it is worthless.

Save yourself time and money and invest in a nationally accredited online learning degree program. If you want to make sure that your prospective school is a legitimate and accredited learning institution, check it out on the Better Business Bureau before spending a dime.

How Much Does it Cost

As with anything, the cost of your online degree will depend on the particular program and online learning college you choose. At the University of Phoenix for example, credits cost around $550 dollars per credit, most courses are three credits at the cost of $1650 per class. To calculate the cost of your tuition, first factor in the total number of credits required for your degree, and then include any associated fees for electronic classroom materials.

How to Factor Online School into Your Life

While studying at home is indeed more convenient, it does present some unique time management challenges. It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself watching television while your professor talks when you’re sitting in a crowded lecture hall. At home on the other hand, you’ll have plenty of ways to distract yourself with nobody but yourself to keep you on task. Like any degree, it’s important to set aside appropriate time for your studies in a quiet room or office that is free of distraction. Once you get used to the freedoms that online learning provides, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds. Just think, you’ll never need to ask permission to go to the restroom again.

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