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5 Ways to Screw Up Your Art School Application

5 Ways to Screw Up Your Art School Application

Nealeigh Mitchell | Art Bistro

Lackluster Letters of Recommendation — An expert in your chosen field who can stand behind your work is imperative for a successful application. If the photographer you interned with can’t testify to your skills and abilities behind the camera, your interviewer will think twice about going out on a limb and accepting you. A positive letter will not only confirm your competence but will also build your credibility. Unfortunately, a negative one will do just the opposite. Make sure you choose a professor or past employer who is familiar with your work and can speak to your best qualities.

Weak Artist Statement — Most colleges require you to articulate why you want to become an artist and how your unique talent can impact your chosen field of study. It’s vital that you paint an individualized picture that sets your apart from the pack. Do you have a photographer who has inspired your work? An illustrator whose art has sparked your creativity? Write about how they’ve shaped your artistic vision and how you plan to build on that. A stellar essay can successfully convey your passion for the industry — on the other hand, a lack of commitment and enthusiasm about an art education can easily sink your chances.

Sloppy Portfolio — This is by far the most important component of your application. It can easily make or break your chances of getting into art school. Your creative book absolutely must show your best work. Each chosen piece should demonstrate your technical ability and creativity as well as your personality. Make sure you read each school’s application requirements thoroughly, as some have specific pieces you must include. If you feel you need help crafting your portfolio, consider enrolling in a Portfolio Development and Prep course offered by many local art colleges.

Remember, each school’s admission process is different and may weigh criterion differently. Research each school and really focus on what’s important to them.

If you take the time to prepare a killer application and avoid these mistakes, you’ll be accepted into art school in no time!

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