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5 Ways to Screw Up Your Art School Application

5 Ways to Screw Up Your Art School Application

Nealeigh Mitchell | Art Bistro

So you want to go to art school? Getting an art degree can successfully turn your passion for art into a career. Not only do you get a well-rounded education and an opportunity to hone your artistic abilities, but an art degree stands out on your resume and boosts your chances of getting hired.

So how do you get your foot in the door at a top art school? While most schools have specific criteria used to measure prospective students, there are few factors that are evaluated across the board. Here are five things that will certainly hurt your chances of admission.

Poor Grades and Test Scores — Although this is likely the least important factor when it comes to evaluating a student’s artistic future, weak academics in high school or undergrad may come back to bite you. Good grades and test scores are the foundation for the rest of your art school application. If you don’t feel your academics are up to snuff and could benefit from beefing up your portfolio, consider enrolling in summer art programs or participating in community classes. Admissions counselor will appreciate your level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Lack of Focus — While it’s not necessary to choose a specialization so early on in your career, you should have some idea of preferred medium you’d like to pursue. This should dictate the pieces you include in your portfolio. Targeted portfolios in specific genres show strong signs of interest and commitment to your chosen career. If you’re set on certain field, research art schools that specialize in that particular medium. That being said, admissions officers will likely choose a student who’s looking for a full art education over someone who has completely narrowed down their focus.

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