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Get Your Art Degree While Working Full-Time

Get Your Art Degree While Working Full-Time

Steve Berman | ArtBistro

Know Your Goals: Don’t go back to school because you’re bored or have unrealistic thoughts about being the next Picasso. If you don’t have a tangible reason to learn new skills or pursue a degree, you’ll be far less likely to succeed.

Remember, in terms of money and time, art school can be costly. Make sure it’s worth your while. Only learn new creative skills for your current job if it will make you a markedly better employee, and preferably, put you in line for a promotion or raise. If you are going for a degree or wish to make a career change, have a clear plan as to how that degree is going to help your career aspirations in the arts.

Treat School Like It’s Your Job: If the way you attend class is at home via your computer, treat it like any other kind of school. Give yourself a private area to work where loved ones or the TV can’t distract you. And if you’re attending classes after work in an actual studio or classroom, don’t be tempted to skip out because of an unforeseen distraction. It’s really true that a large part of success is showing up. Miss one Photoshop class and it’ll be easier to miss another. And another…

Don’t Go It Alone: You can’t make your friends go to work for you, and you definitely shouldn’t copy anybody else’s homework. Still, it is almost impossible — and definitely foolhardy — to work a full-time job and go to art school at the same time without any help. Let people you trust know that you’re going to need some support.

Whether it’s a relative picking up your daughter from soccer practice or your spouse taking over dinner duties, it’s extremely important to accept help when offered, and to ask for it when needed. One person can only handle so much, and your true friends and loved ones should be happy to help as long as they aren’t being taken advantage of. Reward them with small tokens of appreciation and remember to thank them after you’ve completed your creative education and are on your way to making your passion your career.

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