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    The Ins & Outs of Handshake Etiquette

    Ahh, the shaking of hands. It sounds simple enough: Two hands meet and greet and do a little shake. Easy, right? Not so fast. Unfortunately, there are quite a few ways a handshake can go south. From an overly moist hand to a bone-crushing grip, handshakes come in all shapes and sizes — and only the best will hit the ...
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    7 Questions to Never Ask a New Acquaintance

    7 Questions to Never Ask a New Acquaintance
    When we’re just getting to know someone—a friend, a business associate, a romantic partner—being inquisitive about the other person’s background and interests is a healthy and inevitable part of the process. But that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to fire off just any question that pops into your mind, no matter how burning your desire to know the answer is. In the ...
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    How to Use References on ArtBistro

    How to Use References on ArtBistro
    ArtBistro has added a feature that allows our community members to request references from colleagues. The reference consists of five ratings on a 1-5 scale, four optional questions to provide more detail, and a reference summary. Reference requests can be sent to non-users via email, or to existing users on the site via personal messages and email. When you receive a ...
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    ArtBistro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    h4. ArtBistro These FAQs are intended to answer some of the most common questions we receive here at Art Bistro asking how to land a career as an artist or Designer. We encourage anyone interested in a visual art career to begin their journey by using the comprehensive guides we have put together. These guides cover everything you’ll need to know ...
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    Build Your Creative Network, Hollywood-Style

    Build Your Creative Network, Hollywood-Style
    From Whether you're trying to land a job or make new art business contacts, networking can be one of your most fruitful strategies. And if there's one industry in which people know the value of networking, it's entertainment. Although the entertainment industry has something others may not - like countless events offering opportunities for aspiring stars to schmooze with power ...
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