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Building a Stock Digital Photography Portfolio

First ask yourself: Do you like to take digital photos? I know it might sound like a stupid question, but it is the proper question to analyze. To break it down further: Do you have the patience, time and attitude to make a successful stock photography portfolio... More >>

How To Properly Photograph Your Artwork

In a recent coaching session, someone asked me if they their art photography represented their actual work. I knew this person’s work (as I have seen the actual physical pieces) and, honestly, they really didn’t do the work justice... More >>

15 Must-See Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials

Looking to create the perfect image on Photoshop, spice up your graphic design portfolio, learn new photo manipulation tools or just have some fun? We’ve selected 15 fresh new Photoshop photo effect tutorials... More >>

10 Secrets Every Creative Should Know

Being a professional photographer is as much about tenacity as it is about talent. Just because you have the creative ability to mold perception and shape moods using color, light, and sound, doesn’t mean you have what it takes to make it as an artist. In fact, being creative and being talented is rarely very lucrative... More >>

7 Elements of an Effective Portfolio Website

Learn how to make up a successful online portfolio website, get artist recognition and promote your work... More >>

The Art of Getting an Artist Grant

Everything I've heard about grants indicates that filling out the proposals takes a minimum of 40 hours of work... More >>

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