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How to Keep Up with Graphic Design Trends

You never know what your future clients may want or what your company will be designing unless you keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news. You never know what your future clients may want or what your company will be designing unless you keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news... More >>

Graphic Design Resume Keywords

Graphic Designers looking for work may be tempted to pay less attention to their resumes, figuring it’s their portfolio that will actually land them the job. Not so fast... More >>

How To Create a Graphic Design Portfolio

Your portfolio is your most prized possession and the single most important employment tool. Sure, a degree from a prestigious art school and glowing recommendations can give you a boost, but... More >>

Avoiding Mistakes as a Graphic Design Freelancer

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes sometimes. When we get in the graphic design business and start freelancing or even working for our own firm, the potential for business mistakes can increase significantly. I’ve thought about this and want to give you 5 of the most serious mistakes, in my opinion, that can occur... More >>

Graphic Design Industry Role Descriptions

If you’re a recent college graduate or if you’re just now entering the workforce, you’ve probably looked at and applied for dozens of design jobs. You’re probably aware of most of the popular job titles in the design industry including everything from junior art director, senior art director, art director and beyond; but... More >>

What to Expect from a Career in Graphic Design

Graphic Designers, use this report to find out what to expect from a career in graphic design. It covers the nature of the work; Working Conditions; Training; Advancement Employment Job Outlook Earnings... More >>

How To Be Creative Even When Uninspired

Inevitably, there will be some projects in your create-on-demand role that you will be – let’s just say – “less than passionate” about. In fact, there will be some things you’re required to do that seem downright ridiculous and generally like a waste of time... More >>

How Much Do Graphic Designers Really Make?

It depends on who you ask. Your boss probably thinks you’re being paid fairly (or at least her boss thinks so). But you probably have more important questions on your mind: Are you doing as well as the other junior designer? Or the creatives at the shop across town? Lucky for you, we did some digging... More >>

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