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    Magic Behind Custom-Made Costumes for 'Dancing'

    Magic Behind Custom-Made Costumes for 'Dancing'
    LOS ANGELES - For Randall Christensen and his wardrobe team at ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," the next 10 weeks are going to be a crystal-encrusted, chiffon-wrapped blur. "Dancing" is known as much for its dazzling costumes as its disco-ball trophy. Every week, celebrity contestants and their professional partners step out in costumes ranging from glamorous to outrageous; from swingy dresses ...
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    Behind-the-Seams of Stars' Stylists

    Behind-the-Seams of Stars' Stylists
    NEW YORK - Oscars host Anne Hathaway had many winning outfits during the recent telecast, even if the banter with her co-host was less memorable. For Hathaway and other stars famous for looking great wherever they go, those flashbulb-fashion moments largely are a tribute to their stylists. The Hollywood Reporter magazine has compiled its first-ever list of the 25 most-powerful celebrity ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +1
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    "Face" Up to the Challenge

    "Face" Up to the Challenge
    If Freddy Krueger took over "Project Runway," it might look something like "Face Off." In Syfy's new series, 12 film and TV special effects artists compete to create the most bizarre looks. "Face Off" hews so much to the "Runway" formula, it practically falls over and busts a lip, but at least the pacing is fast. The dozen contestants are introduced ...
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    What Is Good Design?

    What Is Good Design?
    I've learned (the hard way) not to do it, but if random strangers - like taxi drivers, or whoever's sitting on the next airplane seat - ask what I do and I'm rash enough to confess to being a design critic, they invariably follow up with: "So what is good design?" The stock answer is that good design is generally a ...
    Published about 5 years ago | Rated: +4
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    Design Students Stretch the Limits of Outdated Speedos

    Design Students Stretch the Limits of Outdated Speedos
    When swimming competitions updated their regulations for swimwear this year, the Speedo LZR racer swimsuit was rendered obsolete as a sellable item. Luckily, Speedo decided not to throw out these otherwise perfectly good suits, but instead donated 600 of them to students at the Chelsea College of Art and Design for an upcycling project. The designers went to work and stretched ...
    Published about 5 years ago | Rated: +1

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