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Where Should You Work as a Graphic Designer?

Have you wondered if you are working at the right place? Maybe you would be better off working freelance, in a design firm or as a corporate in-house designer. Find out which job would suit you best. Take this quiz!


Which Animated Show Are You?

You might be all grown up, but you know you just can't get enough of your favorite prime-time cartoons. So are you a smart-mouthed mutt or a talking box of fries? Tune in and find out!


Who Took This Iconic Photograph?

Think you can match some of the most iconic photographs ever taken to their photographer? Take the quiz and test your knowledge — you might wish you had a photographic memory!


Who's Your Inner Rock Star?

Are you in line to become the next blockbuster diva, plastered all over the radio? Or are you more similar to an underspoken indie-rock star? Stop singing in the shower and find out what your musical personality is!